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Creation curves on 3D Polyline


Команда V_Model creates curves on 3D Polyline.


createBezier - Creates Bezier spline curves.
createbSpline - Creates B-curves.
splFrame - Changes format of 3D Polyline to format of S-polygon of B-curve.
Genframe - Generates an open S-polygon of a B-curve as a 'typical polyline'. Requests the degree and number of segments.
gaRmonize - Harmonizes the distribution of polyline points along a V-curve. Requests a compaction option.
smooTHgd - Constructs a smoothing curve and generates a GD on the smoothed curve. Requests the deviation corridor and the number of smoothing iterations.
testGD - Tests GD for compliance with the regular polyline standard.

Tonet - Units 3D Polylines to set.
4Exit - Exit.