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Creation of the initial section of the clothoid


The command Clothoid forms a initial section of a clothoid (Cornu spiral). The clothoid has a unique property: the curvature increases linearly from zero. This property is used when modeling aesthetic and functional curves of lines and surfaces in CAD. The clothoid itself is determined by the rate of linear change in curvature along the length of the curve. It is specified in the procedure by the length of the curve section from the zero point and the radius of curvature at the end point of the spiral section.


After calling, the command prompts for parameters:
length l_max of the initial section and radius r_min at the end point of the section.
Specify dynamic params for curve r_min <...>: (enter the radius at the end point)
Specify dynamic params for curve l_max <...>: (enter the length of the section)
Enter a number of segms of NURBzS: (enter value).