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Editing / transforming NURBS surfaces


The command edits / transforms a NURBS surface.


Enter an option [Setvars Transpon Prllsrf vieWsurf Multiplyu extRactu acadIGS eXitl:
Setvars - Sets parameters.
Transpon - Transposes a surface.
Prllsrf - Creates an equidistant 3D network (3D-Mesh) according to the parameters specified in Setvars.
vieWsurf - Displays surface images.
Multiplyu - Multiplies the size by 2 of S-frames by rows.
extRactu - Extracts a surface site by rows.
Max Number = N
Enter start number of segm along rows<0>:
Enter the number N0 of the first segment.
Max Number = N - N0
Specify quantity of segments along rows:
Enter the number of segments.
acadIGS - Converts NURBS surface to IGES format. An IGES surface is generated in the folder C:\FairCurveModeler_TEMP\Temp\ as file 'igs_name.igs'. Can be read with the _IMPORT command.
Exit - Exit.